American Alchemy


There is an alchemical and transformative process taking place in America today. This is probably obvious to anyone not living under a literal rock – but what forces are at play here? What dark machinations are actually occurring beneath the surface of our ideosphere?

At present there is a battle being waged on an invisible landscape which, like a map in a Gabriel Garcia Marquez story, lays perfectly over our visual landscape and often even corresponds with its major points. This is a battle between two forces that are typically referred to with vague names that are at best semi-accurate, like a hazy picture: liberals vs. conservatives, republican vs. democrat, you know the deal.

Until now these loose designations have worked – but suddenly, the details of this war have become so strange that even the most experienced students of our usonian zeitgeist have been forced to ask themselves – what the hell is going on? The obtuse pundits who are still pretending to be operating under the rules of last century reveal their anxiety with subtle signs and signals: they too know something is happening.

I would like to toss my view of this into the mix. The lens through which I view our current cultural struggle has served me very well, and my conviction that I am right about this has only grown as I gather more and more data on where we are and where we’re headed. When it comes to what I do, part of my work is a methodical and scientific analysis of our culture – and like a scientist, if I have a theory that works and explains my sensory and analytical data, I can only roll with it until something proves it wrong or enhances the theory.


The fundamental conflict raging in the secret chambers of America’s heart is a conflict between two nations. It is a civil war that is already occurring, wherein both sides claim to be “the real America”.  On one hand, we have what I will call Actual America, on the other side we have what I refer to as “Newmerica”.

Actual America is the America you see in images of America up until, let’s say, the 1950s. It is a definitively European style nation, non-coincidentally principally populated by people of European descent. The customs of Actual America are unique, but they are mainly European in style and origin. This nation would obviously “fit” better into Europe than into South America.

It is a nation where people discuss virtue in schools, and people are Christian. It goes without saying that the nation was founded on Christian principles, and people freely celebrate Christian holidays in public ways.

Actual America was started when pilgrims and colonists came over from Europe, seeking religious freedom and freedom in general. Its origin story is the one you most likely learned in school: George Washington, the founding fathers, and the classic American founding mythos.

(I hope you don’t feel I’m painting an overly unrealistic picture here due to my biases. Of course there were bad people and men beating their wives and society wasn’t perfect, I’m just describing a general view of life.)

This nation still exists, just to be clear. Now, let’s take a look at Newmerica.

Newmerica is an insurgent nation. It is a set of ideas that form, when socially enacted, a new cultural code and worldview that is incompatible with Actual America.

Newmerica is a nation that has no religion: it was not founded on religious principles. It is decidedly not a European style nation, its culture and habits come perpetually from all over the world. It is not principally populated by people of European descent: this nation was set up to be a refuge for people all over the world. It is a nation of immigrants.

Newmerica started when Europeans came over to America and killed all of the Native Americans. They stole this land, and set up colonies here. These same Europeans also brought millions of black slaves here. Eventually, they even fought a war over their right to own these slaves. It wasn’t until the 1950s that this country finally started to give all people their fundamental rights, which they still don’t have. Some backwards and evil people don’t want to admit that America is for everyone, that anyone can become American, so we’re still struggling every day.

In Actual America, being American means something. There is something called “the American people”, and the idea of two Americans being unable to recognize one another as Americans out in the world (by virtue of language, customs, etc.) is absurd.

In Newmerica, anyone can be American. If you come here as an immigrant and get citizenship, you are just as American as someone whose family has been here for 200 years.

Actual America has a set of traditions and values that are definitively American.

In Newmerica the only value is tolerance, no traditions are definitely American.

Actual America was founded by brave men. Newmerica was founded by racists.

I’m sure I don’t need to continue.


Understand that I’m not writing this to say the obvious “I believe in traditional America and not this newfangled PC stuff” – I’m writing this because I don’t think most people realize that parts of the population now literally live in different countries inside their heads. This is the real source of this powerful conflict we are seeing. It shakes people to the core because it reaches deep down into the depths of who they are and what it means to be a part of this country.

Two people, both ostensibly American, clash at a political event. In reality, they represent two completely different mental nations that are incompatible in every way.

One man is thinking, it’s literally a fact of history that this nation was established as a Christian nation. The other is thinking that separation of church and state is fundamental to the soul of America. One man is thinking that obviously this country was 90+% white for most of its history, and that means something. The other man is thinking that the most basic American value is that we are a nation of immigrants. One man calls them settlers, the other man calls them murderers. One man is concerned about the American people, the other man believes anyone can be American and that this designation of “American people” is meaningless. They are not citizens of the same nation.

This country is now full of many, many people who were indoctrinated in school to be citizens of Newmerica. They are literally an insurrectionist force who view it as their job to defend and maintain this nation that has never actually existed – it has only existed as an idea, until now.

Newmerica is not a European style country – it is essentially a third world style nation, it will fit in with South American countries far more than with its former European brothers. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s, then watch a movie that takes place in New York today. Realize that these are different nations.

Ask a kid from New York City and a man from Kansas what America is: they will not describe the same country.


The alchemical aspect of this is that a new manifestation of the Actual American identity will have to emerge from this fundamental conflict of two incompatible models for this nation. The original American identity was formed in the way that most national identities are. We might say it emerged organically: as a cohesive identity from the reality of the nation and its people.

The Newmerican identity is different, however. It is, as I’ve said before, an insurgent ideology. It is designed to destroy classical American identity, and the traditional American identity is not designed to fight it.

We have to transmute America’s true identity into something new and positive that can be readily disseminated to the masses. An identity that has enough claws and armor to resist the cancerous ideology that is, at present, threatening to displace it.

It is important to remember that we are not starting from scratch. We aren’t painting onto a blank canvas. Most of what we need is already there. We are going into the lab and working with metals and substances that already exist. We are fortunately not burdened with creating something entirely new.

That being said, we are (as usual) in the paradoxical situation of having to create something that is new and unique, but that is also based on the traditional aspects of its component parts.

The way I see it, we have a brief window of time wherein to make this happen. Classically, magical and ritualistic operations were based on the motion of the stars and planets, and someone seeking to make their actions as efficacious as possible was only given a small time in which to act. We are no different, and while the stars are almost definitely playing some role in this, our real window of opportunity is being framed by terrestrial politics. We have a certain “cover” under Trump: he is at least not totally completely against us, and the media, for a variety of reasons, is treating us like a real force (they’re scared) and projecting our macro-developments out into the social sphere.

Normal Americans, those still living in Actual America today are ready for us. They may not understand the extent to which this new homegrown nation is seeking to overtake them, but as Newmerica pushes harder and harder, this will only become more obvious. They are ready to strike back and assert themselves but they don’t have the tools. Young white men are ready to fight in the cultural sphere, they are ready to stand up for themselves, but they also lack the tools. When they pick up the tools in front of them, they’re either laughed at or called racist.

We are the blacksmiths that will create these new tools. A new image and identity for American nationalism that is cool, assertive, and real will sweep this country like a fire: as I just said, the citizens of Actual America are ready and waiting for it.

Are you going to keep your countrymen waiting?