Brexit, Trump, and the Rise of Nationalism

I’ve spent the last 48 hours in a daze celebrating what is easily one of the biggest historical events of all time: the Brexit vote.

It’s been an interesting time following the Brexit campaign in America. I can’t really say that most Americans, at least the one’s that I’ve met, understand what is going on. Prior to the votes being cast, I think most recognized that it was a big deal but weren’t really sure what they should think. Now that it’s happened the media has been pushing the narrative that this vote was largely based on financial issues, and the modern left was swiftly adopted the same stance. It’s not the stance I would choose, personally. Preservation of a culture, a people, and a way of life vs. stock markets. Not very convincing, maybe it’s just me. Britain will obviously be fine, and temporary financial instability is a cheap price to pay for national sovereignty. Usually some people have to die for that, just saying.

Whenever I’ve voiced my obviously strong opinion for Britain leaving the EU, I’ve gotten a range of surprising reactions. The reaction that I find most in need of addressing, even today as the votes have already been cast, is incredulity at the fact that this is something I actually feel strongly about. Most people find this the most shocking aspect of our conversation, and whenever it’s come up, I’m constantly hit with the same questions, “Why do you care?” “How does this affect you in any way?”, “This has nothing to do with you”. Most people can only see this referendum as an isolated event. It doesn’t fit neatly into the lens through which they’ve been taught to see current events (liberal vs. conservative), so it seems to them somewhat arbitrary, or heretical for me as an American to feel so strongly about it. The funny thing is that I couldn’t feel more differently. This referendum is a sign of a transformation that is currently taking place in Western culture that most people are completely unaware of. Far from being arbitrary, this is one of the first serious blows for the good guys in a conflict that is raging deep in the heart of Western culture. The conflict is nationalism vs. globalism, and it will be the defining struggle of our time.

The same people that are confused about my love of Brexit are the same people confused about Donald Trump. For these people Trump is a complete and total outlier and freak accident. He has come like a bolt of lightning from a clear blue sky without warning – and without apparent cause or explanation. Yet for people who have been paying attention, he is clearly just a drop in the rising ocean of Nationalism that has been slowly coming to take the Western world, apparently by surprise, for just over a century. Brexit is also part of this phenomena. It’s not a coincidence, for example, that almost every European nation has their own “version” of Trump, and most are becoming quite popular, emphasizing similar issues and fundamental stances. It’s not a coincidence that immediately after the Brexit vote, several other European nations were already discussing holding their own referendums. It’s all a part of the same phenomena. As most Western nations are facing similar problems (epic levels of immigration, mostly from the third world; collapsing traditional values; lack of national cohesion, etc.) it makes sense that they are all responding in unison.

It is for the people ignorant of this phenomena that I write this article, so if you are very familiar with European politics and the current rise of Nationalism in Western culture, this will be mostly review for you. If not, I would like to present you with some information. Afterwards, I think you’ll agree that something very interesting is happening, and no one is talking about it – yet.


GermanyFINThis is Germany, where the Federal Statistical Office reported the arrival of just under 2 million foreign people last year (in 2015). Germany is just slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Montana.

Let’s meet one of Germany’s many political parties. AfD is the Alternative Für Deutschland, or the Alternative for Germany party. AfD was founded in 2013. It is essentially the anti-Merkel, anti-migrant party in Germany, hence its recent founding. As they’re also not down with the EU, and they’ve allegedly mentioned things like “traditional family values” (I can’t read their German documents to confirm this myself), I feel pretty comfortable referring to them as a classically nationalist party. This means that they are full of policies and ideas that would reduce the modern liberal person to tears, such as multiple party leaders discussing the prospect of having to shoot migrants crossing illegally into Germany. Check out this exchange that apparently actually happened:

"MEP Beatrix von Storch, AfD vice-chairwoman since mid-January, was asked via her public Facebook page if border police should use armed force to prevent women with children crossing the border illegally. She replied: 'Yes'."


Just a few weeks ago, AfD stepped it up and decided to tell everyone that Islam is not compatible with the German constitution, and that it was going to press for a ban on minarets and burqas at it’s upcoming party congress. These articles are always a goldmine of extremely choice quotes, let’s enjoy some together.

“Islam is in itself a political ideology that is not compatible with the constitution,” AfD deputy leader Beatrix von Storch told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. [...]

“Islam is not a religion like Catholic or Protestant Christianity, but rather intellectually always associated with the takeover of the state,” said Alexander Gauland, who leads the AfD in Brandenburg.

“That is why the Islamization of Germany is a danger,” he told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

These are, obviously, just literal facts. Of course, in 2016, pointing out the fact that an explicitly political totalitarian desert religion is incompatible with the cultural values of the German people and the German state means someone is going to call you a Nazi, but that’s just life now, I guess. This article where everyone just can’t wait to show how offended they are by someone finally pointing out the conflict between two completely oppositional value systems includes this choice quote: “‘AfD’s attack against Islam is not directed against Muslims only, but against an open and carrying [sic] society,” commented Christine Buchholz, a left-wing German MP.’” Mrs. Buchholz is apparently unaware that Islam itself is a threat to an open society, or maybe she’s waiting to voice her opinion on that until after the institution of the German caliphate.

1GermanyIsisLots of options.

Anyway, let’s get to the point and see how popular this party is:

On the 12th and 13th of March, 2016, elections were held in three German states of Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt . In each state, the AfD received double-digit percentages of the vote. DOUBLE DIGITS.

  • In Saxony-Anhalt, AfD reached second place with 24.2% of the vote
  • In Baden-Württemberg, AfD reached third place with 15.1% of the vote
  • In Rhineland-Palatinate, AfD reached third place with 12.6% of the vote.

So just to reiterate, a party that has openly discussed shooting migrants crossing illegally into Germany and has recently (after these elections) proposed that Islam is fundamentally incompatible with Germany and has discussed a ban on minarets got double digit percentages of the vote in the elections in all three states. They placed third or higher in each of these elections. In one state basically one out of every four people voted for them. For a party that did not exist four years ago, this is pretty amazing. Just to be clear, these are not some random nowhere states in Germany – Baden-Württemberg is the third largest state in terms of size and population.

GettyImages-479534856-640x424An alternative to financing an eternal flow of Muslim immigrants who will then live in your country on welfare indefinitely. Sounds pretty ideal.

Bonus: now the German Parliamentary vice-president is a member of AfD – firmly establishing them as anything but a fringe party. Almost half of the votes that put him in office came from other parties, so he is presumably pretty cool, and is most likely plotting to cause an epic tearflow among German liberals who can’t wait to make themselves a minority in their own country. Check out this awesome picture of him staring off into the distance, contemplating all the ways he is going to make Germany great again.

0,,19181915_403,00The guy in the center cannot contain his shit-eating grin as he shakes the losers hand. Glorious. He is presumably down with AfD. Daniel Rausch is actually the guy on the right.

We can’t let Germany have all the fun! Let’s move south to their always friendly neighbors, the beautiful state of France.


France is a beautiful nation of highly refined culture where for the last decade (probably longer) some people have set hundreds of cars on fire every New Year’s Eve, without fail. Some years, such as 2013, saw over 1,000 cars burned. For the 2014 New Years Eve celebration, 90,000 security personnel were deployed in France. This epic car burning has become so standardized that a hundred or so less cars being burned was, last year, apparently cause for celebration:

CarBurningSomeday the guy that set this car on fire will love Baudelaire and Debussy, we just need to give him a chance to integrate into French culture.

It is just a coincidence that the French department with one of the highest concentrations of Muslims in France, Seine-Saint-Denis (600,000 Muslims (primarily from North and West Africa) out of a total population of 1.4 million), also had the largest number of cars burned – please do not read into such coincidences. During the 2005 riots in Seine-Saint-Denis, 9,000 cars were burned  in a period of two to three months. Saint-Denis is also where three suicide bombers blew themselves up during the November 2015 Paris attacks. Coincidences are so crazy!

I am not French, but it’s a pretty safe bet that the French people don’t enjoy seeing hundreds of cars on fire or having people randomly exploding in public places. This could be why, right now, half of all French soldiers deployed on military operations are patrolling French cities. It could also be why we’ve seen the rise of the National Front party, which is unconfusingly referred to in French as Front National, or FN. FN is currently led by Marine Le Pen, whose father is a former leader and founder of the party. They are, just like AfD, anti-EU and essentially nationalist.

Marine Le Pen is pretty awesome, most notably for comparing the current Muslim situation in France with the Nazi occupation of France. I’m going to post the whole quote here, because it is great:

“I'm sorry, but for those who really like to talk about World War Two, if we're talking about occupation, we could talk about that (street prayers), because that is clearly an occupation of the territory,” she said during the meeting.

"It is an occupation of sections of the territory, of neighbourhoods in which religious law applies, it is an occupation. There are no tanks, there are no soldiers, but it is an occupation anyhow, and it weighs on people".


Of course, she was charged with “inciting hatred” for these remarks, and was cleared of these charges just six months ago, most likely because everything she said is one hundred percent accurate.

Her niece, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen,  is also a member of Front National. Pointing out obvious facts that make people cry apparently runs in the family, as she recently made headlines for noticing that French born Muslims will never be “truly French” because they do not share France’s Christian “traditions and values”. It is of course quite shocking to people that someone could notice that France has been Christian for over 1,500 years, and that a traditionally Western, Christian culture would have values and traditions that are incompatible with Islam, but this hardly makes it any less true.

Chlodwigs_taufe222Clovis I, first king of the Franks to unite all Frankish tribes, converted to Catholicism in 498 AD. How could you think that this millennia and a half long relationship with Catholicism has anything to do with French culture, or could somehow create a culture that would be incompatible with Islam?

Given the fact that leaders of this party are aggressively dropping truth bombs left and right, it would surprise most liberal people to learn that Front National is exceedingly popular. In the most recent elections, in December of 2015, FN took 6,018,672 votes, or 27.73 percent of the vote. In the next round of elections, held just one week later, the support for FN jumped almost a million votes to 6,820,147. In at least 4 regions, FN took around a third of the votes, in some regions they took almost 50%. Marion le Pen took 45 percent of the vote in the province of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. For the non-French, this is one of only 13 provinces in France. Far from being a random backwater state, it is the third most economically important region in France, and Marseille is there, which has the second largest city population in France and the third largest metropolitan population.

So just to recap, a political party led by a woman who compared the Muslim occupation of France to the Nazi occupation received over 25% of the vote in their most recent election, and a woman who said that Muslims cannot become French received almost fifty percent of the vote in one province. That is the world you currently live in.

Marion-Le-Pen-GettyImages-640x480Marion Le Pen is basically the new Joan of Arc. She is also the youngest MP in French history, NBD.

United Kingdom

UKIP is the United Kingdom Independence Party. It, just like every other group mentioned here, is anti-EU and nationalist. In a somewhat ironic twist given their anti-EU stance, they are (soon to be were) the largest UK party in the European Parliament, the parliamentary institution of the EU. Nigel Farage, its leader, just successfully trolled many of the most powerful people in the world and got the UK to leave the EU.

Nigel_Farage_Ukip_elections_Westminster-380402The entire world couldn’t stop this man. That is objectively fucking hilarious. Anything is possible.

UKIP is pretty awesome. They have proposed not allowing migrants to receive benefits until they’ve paid taxes for five years, proposed that all British citizens who leave Britain to become jihadis be stripped of citizenship permanently, and a UKIP Branch Chairman said that parts of London were being “ethnically cleansed” of white people.

farangeIsisThe man on the left has radically suggested that fighting for ISIS should be grounds for loss of British citizenship. In case you’re unaware, the man who beheaded James Foley, pictured on the right, spoke with a distinctly British accent, and a linguistic expert guessed that he was from London. Unfortunately, that is not a joke.

One of their candidates even had the balls to tell a Jewish Labour MP that she’d probably rather send money to Israel than give it to children in the UK.

Untitled-2I cannot wait for this to become a thing in America. Of course, he got suspended for this. LAME.

A poll published in the Daily Mail revealed that almost one out of every three people in the UK would vote UKIP if they thought they could win:


They also have over half the amount of support that the other, much more established parties have:

1414316832868_wps_9_Picture_Device_IndependenSaying, “Hey, maybe we shouldn’t immediately give everyone that comes to our country a ton of free stuff forever,” will make you pretty popular, go figure.


denmark-01Beautiful Denmark, where 70% of Danes have ranked immigration as their top concern. This terrible city is clearly suffering from a lack of minarets.

The Danish People’s Party were founded in 1995. They have gone for the throat of the ultimate sacred cow in modern Western culture by openly opposing the idea that Denmark should be a multicultural society. I won’t bore you with more details, that should be enough to convince you that they are awesome.

Denmark is a perfect illustration of how the left-right divide collapses once everyone realizes that Nationalism is the only way to save your country from the suicidal implications of post-modern values. Basically one day everyone in Denmark said, “Hey, let’s stop pretending that we’re not super awesome, and just do our thing – who cares?” and the results have been pretty outstanding.

The Danish People’s Party, through cooperation with the Conservative-Liberal coalition, helped pass immigration laws that some have described as the strictest in Europe. They’ve also worked as hard as possible to make sure Denmark is one of the least attractive nations for asylum seekers – including measures like retroactively lowering benefits for those granted asylum. The facts speak for themselves:

4PewChartThis is a great list to be at the bottom of.

I’m going to have to slap a trigger warning on this because the Danish people officially give no fucks. This party has proposed a three year delay for family reunification for asylum seekers to deter them from coming to Denmark, which caused the expected shower of left wing tears. However, none could prepare for the great storm of tears that was just peaking over the horizon.

In January 2016, a bill was passed that allowed authorities to seize valuables from refugees, presumably to pay for the cost of their asylum. You read that correctly – Danish authorities can now take any valuables that exceed 10,000 kroner in value (about $1,450) or if you have that much cash, they will take that as well, and use it to pay for all the taxpayer funded stuff you will be receiving.

In case you think that is a little extreme, this article has an amazing quote which is truly my pleasure to share with you:

After thorny negotiations with the other parties, Integration Minister Inger Støjberg agreed to exempt wedding rings and other items of sentimental value.”

YES. The Danish people are so hardcore that it took a “thorny debate” for their Integration Minister to agree not to confiscate asylum seeker’s wedding rings. She was going to use them to pay for all the free shit these people would be receiving. AMAZING. Please notice that this woman is Demark’s Integration Minister – she is literally in charge of immigrant integration.

fe-54801666You’re wearing a lot of gold for someone getting free stuff from the Danish people…” – Presumably the thoughts of Inger Støjberg. (Also, yes, this is a real photo of her.)

But it does not end there, friends.

This bill was passed by 81 out of 109 lawmakers. Everyone was down. This is in and of itself an amazing fact. Of course the second such an awesome piece of legislation was proposed, its critics began the onslaught of extremely thought provoking criticism, making great points such as “Woah, are you guys racist or something?” and asking the hard hitting questions, such as, “Why can’t we just let everyone live here and give them free stuff forever?”

Social Democrat Dan Jørgensen addressed these extremely legitimate points like a boss, by asking

"To those saying what we are doing is wrong, my question is: What is your alternative? [...] The alternative is that we continue to be (one of) the most attractive countries in Europe to come to, and then we end up like Sweden."

This has got to be one of the best quotes in modern Western politics. Someone who is in what is probably the most popular political party in Denmark comes out and says, “Do you have any better ideas? If we don’t jack their stuff, Denmark will become like Sweden”. His party is the main opposition to the Danish People’s Party, and even he thinks their ideas are great.

Dan-J-rgensen“Let’s not end up like Sweden” – Dan Jørgensen. Great call., Denmark. Please enjoy not becoming a Muslim country.

But not even there does it end. Indeed, the lack of fucks given by these beautiful Danes knows no bounds.

The Danish People’s Party also backed a resolution, that was passed, that pushed the government to look into building temporary housing complexes outside cities for refugees. They reportedly see this as the first step towards building state run camps where refugees would live without integrating into Danish society.

So while people worldwide are weeping openly at the prospect of Donald Trump building a wall and temporarily halting Muslim immigration, leaders in Denmark are passing resolutions asking the government to look into building literal concentration camps for migrants.

This is life in 2016.


This is the last one we’ll discuss, but it is totally worth it.

For every other group here, I have presented them in a pretty favorable light, mostly because I think they are, in general, pretty great. My judgement is still out on this last party: The Golden Dawn. As usual, if you are a group of white people who enjoy your country and like living in a healthy, non-degenerate nation, people are going to call you a neo-nazi or a fascist. Since they deny that they are neo-nazi, I’m going to have to entertain the idea that this is just the press doing what it does best (every party that I’ve posted about here has been compared to the Nazis – this unfortunately has become kind of a thing in Western culture). They’re also openly anti-Zionist, which probably means that the generally zionist controlled media is not going to be too kind to you, go figure.

Anyway, I’m not posting about them as an endorsement – the point of this article is to establish that anti-globalist, anti-migrant nationalism is on the rise to an extent that most young, liberal Americans are completely unaware of, and Golden Dawn is a perfect illustration of that.

Their graphic design team is also on point:

GoldDawnA great flag will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. This is a great flag.

Since we’re close to the end here, I don’t want to go too far into Golden Dawn as a topic. Suffice to say they fit the macro pattern of every other party I’ve described here: they first registered as a political party recently (1993), are openly anti-mass migration (their leader, when asked what his first act in parliament would be, said “All the illegal immigration out! Out of my country, out of my home!”), and they’re openly anti-EU (the press prefers the term Euroskeptic).

I’ll cut to the chase and say that this party that has been suppressed in almost every way imaginable is, as of September 2015, the third most popular party in Greece. They received about half a million votes in the last election – pretty impressive for a country of just less than eleven million people (ultimately they received 7% of the vote).

I’ll conclude this picture I’ve painted by saying that the same thing is happening in almost every Western country. The only nations in which this isn’t happening are nations that haven’t had to deal with an extreme influx of migrants – yet (sup Canada). Everywhere else, these groups exist, with varying degrees of success. Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland – all similar stories. Anti-EU, anti-migrant, nationalist sentiments rising like a tidal wave. It is truly happening everywhere.

This makes sense as nationalism is the natural state of a nation. It is logical that people should love their culture and want to protect their people and the land in which they live. There should be nothing confusing about this.

I don’t want to belittle any of the politicians I’ve discussed here, but if I was speaking to a purely American audience, I would say that most European nations that have a significant influx of migrants have their own “version” of Donald Trump. Most Americans live in a reality where someone saying “Hey, maybe America shouldn’t have all these illegal immigrants” or “Hey, let’s chill on Muslim immigration until things stop exploding for no reason” is essentially the equivalent of Adolf Hitler personally gassing six trillion Jews. However, as I’ve hopefully demonstrated, this type of sentiment is not only aggressively on the rise, it has become common in Europe. In my opinion, this is because the reality they are currently facing is forcing them to abandon their meaningless and baseless ideals that only work in theory – they are deciding to confront the problem head on, as they should.
It’s extremely interesting to consider the reaction to Donald Trump in light of the fact that he is much less extreme than many of his European counterparts. I mean, Denmark is taking about building literal concentration camps. Come on.

legoThe Danes are notoriously great builders.

In short, Brexit, Trump, all these political parties, they’re all part of the same paradigm shift. This is the impending culture war. It is already happening. The war has already begun and most people don’t even realize that it’s taking place. Once people are taught to see current events and to some extent, even most of our recent history, in terms of nationalism vs. globalism, they will finally see what’s going on. Without this lens, it’s impossible to explain our current political trends – this is why the media and political establishment in America were so spectacularly wrong about Trump. Nationalist parties are only going to increase in power and popularity, and the blurring between left vs. right and liberal vs. conservative will only increase, and these terms will only become more and more useless. Nationalism vs. Globalism is the only model that accurately describes what is happening.

Without language to describe or talk about this, we will simply be wandering blind. This is far too risky considering what is at stake here – the future of Western civilization. Once you understand that this is the spectrum along which almost all modern ideological conflict is occurring, you will be able to choose a side. Do you want a world full of strong and proud nations, or a world toiling under the yoke of internationalist and globalist leeches? Good luck, the clock is ticking…