The purpose of this website is to assist in the creation of a new identity for Western people. Almost every group of people on Earth take an immense amount of pride in their cultural heritage. This is not the case in general with Western people, and this lack of cultural pride will eventually lead to the collapse of our civilization. Cultural pride is a natural and healthy thing for people to have. It is a source of self-esteem, virtue, and purpose. We believe that this lack of cultural awareness on the part of Western people can be traced directly to many of the problems we are currently facing as a civilization.

This website will be an exploration of this idea. If you are interested, you can read a more elaborate version of the main ideas behind this website below.

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The fundamental ideas behind this website are very simple:

1. The existence of Western Culture is undeniable.

Western culture clearly exists. It can not be explained away as a philosophical abstraction or meaningless idea. There are clearly a group of nations that partake of Western culture – they have generally Western forms of government, with Western style societies. Many share features typical to Western culture, such as a history of European style Christianity or European paganism, looking up to the classical Western cultures of Greece and Rome, similar artistic visual traditions such as oil painting, with similar aesthetic sensibilities, similar musical forms and instruments, similar and shared dance traditions, similar literary forms often sharing canonical authors,  and artistic movements that fail to respect national boundaries yet stay confined to Western culture such as surrealism, impressionism, Romanticism, Art Nouveau, the Renaissance, and many others.

The unique aspects of Western culture would take a lifetime to list. These cultural features are more often than not shared by almost all Western nations, and often fail to be shared in a serious caliber by even a single non-Western nation. Western culture is obviously a real phenomena and any philosophical attempts to prove it illusory are unfounded.

2. Western culture is great and unique.

To deem one culture better than all others would obviously be somewhat arbitrary and subjective. However, when the history of the world is surveyed, it is obvious that Western culture is an amazing phenomena.

Western culture laid the foundations of its philosophy almost two thousand five hundred years ago with the lives of Plato and Pythagoras. The tradition of Western philosophy is therefore almost twice as old as the religion of Islam. The oldest university in the English speaking world, Oxford, is older than the Aztec empire.

Western culture has produced some of the most advanced and complex works of art that the earth has ever seen. Few other cultures, if any, have produced music as monumental as Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Few, if any, have produced a literary canon as massive and as beautiful as that of Western culture.

Few, if any, cultures can match the scientific and academic output of Western culture. It is almost impossible to imagine the modern world without the technologies and ideas birthed from the mind of Western nations.

Most importantly, Western culture has produced some of the most desirable societies on the planet. Western nations, though obviously imperfect, simply treat women the best. In general, the freedom and safety that even a poor woman is afforded in Western culture cannot be matched by any non-Western nation.

Western culture was also, quite shockingly, the only culture to ever end slavery. Slavery still exists in some form in essentially every non-Western nation on the planet, and although the West is most commonly defamed for its history of slavery, the earlier and contemporaneous slave trades such as the Muslim trans-Saharan slave trade were much more brutal and enslaved more people. It is also the case that many contemporary modern day instances of slavery come close to or completely outdo the centuries old brutality of the West. For example, today in Haiti there are at least a quarter of a million slaves. This number is just 130,000 people short of equaling the total number of slaves ever brought from Africa to America (~388,000).

3. Western culture has been systemically subverted.

Western culture’s ability to flourish, develop, and sustain itself has been undercut by a variety of factors.

Western culture is, for some reason, one of the first cultures to take on an entirely self-critical phase. Over the last century or two, a significant amount of energy has been devoted to an analysis of the past that is both critical and reflective. This is ultimately healthy, but has been pushed to such an extreme that now most young people in the West feel that their cultural history consists only of things that they should feel bad about, such as the Holocaust, slavery, or colonialism. Compare this to the extent that Japanese culture “feels bad” about the rape of Nanking or the colonialism of the Japanese empire (which, clocking in at 2.86 million square miles, was significantly larger than the Roman empire). Do modern Muslims identify with the trans-Saharan slave trade, which most likely brought over ten million Africans into slavery, or the Barbary slave trade, where over a million white Europeans were brought into slavery in North Africa? Of course not.

Western culture has also gone through World War 1 and World War 2 quite recently which, if taken together, must constitute one of the most brutal and horrible tragedies humanity has ever seen. This has had the unfortunate effect of casting an even longer shadow of fear, self hatred, and nihilism over the West that is just now beginning to recede.

These two factors coming together mean that, in general, Western people do not have as much pride in their culture as one would generally expect. They have also never been taught to think of themselves as a part of Western culture. Generally most Western people have been taught that any type of nationalism or cultural pride is bad, especially if it comes from White people, and that a universal brotherhood made of love and rainbows is just around the corner.

It’s easy to deduce what would happen if any group of people at any point in time on Earth became apathetic about their culture and self-preservation: they would be overtaken by other “stronger” cultures, as has happened an almost infinite number of times in our short recorded history. We will see this happen to Western culture as well unless we do something about it.

4. The solution for the problem Western culture faces is the development of a positive Western identity.

Modern  people generally lack the context they need to think of themselves as Western people in a positive way. They do not, in general, think of Western culture as an inheritance from their ancestors and they do not feel any responsibility towards it. Worse, many people today have been indoctrinated into an anti-Western culture mindset. The ideology of many young people today can be explained simply as an antipathy for all things that are even remotely reminiscent of traditional Western culture, and an extreme preference for their alternatives, opposites, and potential replacements.

Unless we create a cultural situation where Western culture can sustain itself and flourish, it will simply disappear like the countless other cultures that were allowed to rot from the inside, be conquered from the outside, or faced both fates simultaneously. This would be one of the biggest tragedies imaginable, and it is our duty as Western people to do something about it.

This website will be an exploration of these ideas, and will hopefully facilitate their realization.

It is time to inherit your destiny.