Occult Fundamentals 015: Jupiter


Jupiter, the Roman equivalent of Zeus, was seen as the king of the gods. He is the heptarchic ruler that brings all of the qualities of a great king: righteousness, stability, regality, and refinement. Its glyph is a stylized scepter:


Jupiter’s key words are refinement and sophistication. Jupter is the heptarchic power most intertwined with the government and higher levels of civilization. Courts, rulers, and great institutions all reside under the domain of Jupiter. Jupiter’s ambassador was the eagle. This is the animal Zeus dispensed from Mt. Olympus, and they both were often symbolized by the eagle. The founding fathers of America would have been aware of this when they were chosing the eagle as their national symbol. So, if you’re American, the eagles on your money and passport are in a very real sense a direct reference to Jupiter.

(Notice the wheels.)

On the zodiac Jupiter rules over Sagitarius. This is a natural associaton as Jupiter rules over the higher and nobler instinct of man that Sagitarius embodies. Jupiter also rules over Pisces. These are non-coincidentally both signs that come near the end of the wheel, and thus, in terms of our threefold world division of the zodiac, they fall into the divine sphere – this is fitting for Jupiter as the king of the gods.

Pisces is the final Zodiac sign. It also has the deep, mystical, and soothing nature of Jupiter. Jupiter defies elemental classification, like most of the planets. In terms of color, it is typically associated with dark and regal blues.

Jupiter rules over ethics, philosophy, and the highest parts of the abstract mind. It is compassionate (within reason), protective, uplifting, and wise. Law, material prosperity, optimism, education, and morality all fall under the domain of Jupiter.


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