Occult Fundamentals 012: Venus


Most people are familiar with Venus as a female god. In fact she is so ubiquitous in the collective unconscious that her glyph, a mirror:


is used to represent females and femininity in general.

As we’ve discussed before, the moon is the true heptarchic power of femininity. Venus obviously has a special relationship to femininity, but it is more of femininity in a certain context. It is the sexual, romantic, and seductive aspect of the female. While the moon may be embodied in many different female forms, Venus is almost invariable shown as a beautiful young woman, as this is most suited to her nature.

Venus birthed Cupid, the current ambassador of love and romance in our culture. His Greek equivalent, Eros, gives us the word erotic.

Venus is not just the more coarse and mundane manifestations of love: sex, courtship, and physical beauty – she is also the higher aspects of love. In this sense she is also the heptarchic ruler over aesthetics, and man’s ability to refine his appreciation for the beauty of the universe and its natural harmony.


Venus rules over the arts, and has a special relationship to the muses, spirits who dispense divine wisdom and provide artists with inspiration. Non-coincidentally, they are also female.

The metal of Venus is copper. Its soft and aesthetically pleasing nature is suited to Venus. Venus is often associated with the pale blues and greens that form on copper as oxides, for example as on the statue of liberty, who also, of course, is female.

Venus was married to Hephistos, also known as Vulcan, who was basically the craftsman for the gods, forging their weapons and armor. Hephistos was ugly and had a club foot, so Jupiter married Venus to him to stop all the other male gods from fighting over her. This kind of worked, but Venus still ended up with other gods, most notably Mars, and had several children by them. This puts her in contrast with the virginal goddess Diana, who is often associated with the moon.

The nature of Venus is sensual, romantic, and attractive. Venus rules over love and aesthetic endeavors.


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