Toxic Masculinity is the opposite of the problem.

There is a new and terrible meme lurking the streets and avenues of the Social Justice cult. As usual, it’s another euphemism used to demonize normal and traditional behavior and to cover up absolute sophistry. This new menace is “TOXIC MASCULINITY”.

Toxic masculinity falls into the set of ideas that are used to euphemistically cover up illogical premises and reinforce the fundamental tenets of the social justice cult. As usual, because this idea reinforces the ideas of “social justice” as a whole, it is automatically taken as true by most normal people, just like the ideas of rape culture, the wage gap, and “the patriarchy”, all of which as extremely misleading or outright false. To go against these ideas in the social sphere is to go out on a huge limb. I can say that in New York City at this moment, in most social circles, to deny things like “toxic masculinity” is akin to denying evolution or the spherical shape of the earth.

01-rapeculturewiki“Rape Culture” gets its own wikipedia page, but cultural marxism is just a conspiracy theory. The rape culture page even has a note at the top specifying that it only applies to Western culture, the culture with the lowest rates of rape and violence against women in the world. No comment.

Toxic masculinity might be the worst of these poisonous ideas, as it will eventually do to men what modern feminism has ultimately done to women. It is, quite literally, the opposite of the problem that we currently have in Western culture.

The true values of masculinity are far from toxic, and in general our society is suffering from a lack of masculinity, not an abundance. Masculine values are generally imparted partially by society, and partially by testosterone. That is to say that masculine values come in part from the biological nature of a healthy man. You can also observe this empirically as most of the men advocating for a deconstruction of traditional male values will show signs of low testosterone, namely early balding, excessive body fat, and unironically enjoying media that was intended for children.

These values are so universal that they are found across the board in almost every culture. From the Bushido code of the Samurai, into mainland China where we have countless philosophies positing the proper role and nature of a man, in the numerous European cultures, essentially all developed cultures have had some idea of what it means to be a man. Even in non-literate societies we can see through oral tradition that this idea of being a strong upstanding man for the sake of your culture and society exists. These values are so universal they are even found partially in barbaric religions like Islam. Obviously these values differ immensely in terms of specifics, but in general they almost always center around:

1. Having an upright or virtuous nature.
2. Spending time wisely and not engaging in frivolities or hedonism.
3. Placing your people and society before yourself.
4. Defending your group / society / civilization.

In most civilized cultures across the globe, this was the bar set for men and men in general gauged their own self-worth by their ability to conform to their cultures highest ideals of what a man should be. Let’s quickly take a look at how Western men are prevented from embodying these almost universal masculine values today.

04-no-virtueFinally men can be free from notions of traditional masculinity. 

1. Having an upright or virtuous nature.

Modern Western man essentially, like his society, has no virtue. In modernity almost all virtues are looked at as antiquated prudishness or simply backwards thinking. All of our classical values like hope, honor, charity, fortitude, prudence, and temperance are seen as laughably antiquated, you may as well put on a suit of armor and try and live in medieval times. The only virtues left for modern Western man is tolerance. Our society is literally so amoral and corrupted that the only thing we can hold up as a virtue is the ability to accept that people different from you exist. This would be laughable if it wasn’t such an utterly abysmal state of affairs.

2. Spending time wisely and not engaging in frivolities or hedonism.

This one has also, obviously, gone out the window. A foray into the average group of twenty to thirty year old men in America will land you in a swamp of video game and sports experts who more often than not cannot name a single leader of another nation. These young men can often explain more about the politics in Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings than the actual government that controls their day to day affairs. I wish this was a joke, go do the field research yourself. Scholastic Books, by the way, places the reading level required for Game of Thrones at a vigorous 5.5. For non-Americans, this means that one of the largest book publishers in America has rated these books as too complex for people 11 years old and younger. I heard in German schools they used to make students read Schiller and Parcival, sounds pretty terrible.

02-georgerrmartinReading over 4,000 pages of fiction written by this guy. Definitely a solid investment of a young man’s time.

Modern Western man is actively discouraged from doing anything that would actually provide value to his life or the lives of others. Video games are the perfect example of this. This year, the Entertainment Software Association published a report on the “essential facts of gaming in America“. They are awesome if you sell video games and extremely depressing if you care about the future of Western civilization. Let’s take a look at some key facts:

– The average man who plays video games is thirty five years old.
– The average “frequent game purchaser” is thirty eight years old.

Video games used to be the domain of kids. Now the average men indulging in this hobby are closer to the midpoint of their life than their birth. Contrast this abysmal failure with the fact that Alexander the Great died when he was only 32, a full three years younger than the average male video game player today.

– Online gamers spend an average of 6.5 hours a week playing video games online.

An average of 6.5 hours a week equals 338 hours a year, or fourteen and a half full days, over two full weeks, of online gaming. This is not the extreme group of hardcore online gamers, this is the average. If this is the average, this means that almost 50% of online gamers spend even more time than this staring into nothing, ensnared by a hobby whose target market used to be literal children and teenagers.

I can personally attest I know many young men who come home from jobs they hate and plug into a virtual world that will momentarily subdue their natural desire for a meaningful life. In essence an addiction like video games is no different than a functional opiate addiction. There is no context to stand up to this blatant drain of potential and progress from our society, so no one thinks about it, and it runs unchecked like a fresh wave of opium hitting mainland China.

Currently, there is no way in our culture to stand up to this. If you act as though a man squandering his precious hours on completely meaningless nonsense is shameful (which it actually is), then you are the weird one, and you will be the one to receive a social stigma.

I heard the birthrate is falling and failing to reach replacement levels in almost every western nation. I also heard that Halo 5 just came out, it’s supposed to be DANK, BRO.

3. Placing your people and society before yourself.

It is laughable to imagine making the case that this value still exists in our society. Everything that this culture has come to associate with men, be it drinking beer, watching sports, playing video games, having meaningless sex, everything mainstream culture associates with men is completely and utterly hedonistic. All of these things may have a place in the male life, but they are far from the ultimate manifestations of masculinity that they are generally painted as. Most men never consider the ways in which they could place their society before themselves and work for the greater good because there is simply no context for it. Our culture has taken the archetype of the man who sacrifices for his society and completely erased it from the social consciousness. In fact, we now live in a paradoxical universe where standing up for your culture and people is actually a bad thing, which brings me to my last example of traditional masculinity:

4. Defending your group / society / civilization.

This is, in my opinion, the most universal masculine trait. It is hard to imagine a man, from any culture, from any time period except this one, not recognizing the inherent virtue in standing up to defend your society. The inherent nobility of protecting your culture or social group is recognized literally everywhere, from the indigenous societies of sub-Saharan Africa, up into the Middle East, the Inuit and other Native American groups, the Aztec, all enshrine the man who is willing to see a problem for his society and do something about it.

Except modern Western culture, where we have special terms like “jingoistic” and “xenophobic” to describe people who want to protect their nations. Even terms like “patriotic” are used in an almost entirely pejorative sense, or they are not used at all. As a white male, to even discuss these ideas is enough for people on the left to label you a fascist.

Modern Western man has been brainwashed out of his natural state of healthy concern for his nation and people, into a ludicrous fantasy world where all people on earth are his people. He is no longer a citizen of his nation, he is a citizen of the world, and he is extremely proud of this fact.

There’s only one problem with this: this universal brotherhood does not actually exist, anywhere. It never has, at any time, and it never will. Even if it did, its reality would not negate the existence of his nation and his people – and no one but him or people like him are going to look out for these things. We live in a strange and upside down world where, if you’re white, to care about people like yourself and your culture makes you the literal scum of the Earth. This means that yet another classical manifestation of masculinity is perverted and suppressed.

It also means that problems that should be easily solved are left unchecked by a de-masculinized society. America is an excellent example of this, where if you have a problem with drugs and criminals pouring in illegally over the Mexican border, you are racist. We are so brainwashed into this state that people can seriously look you in the eye and claim that your concern about your nation is not rooted in reality, it’s rooted in your irrational hatred of people that are not like you. This disengagement from reality serves no one and only means that people are prevented from solving actual problems in lieu of bowing down to a new altar where passivity and tolerance are the highest gods – no thanks.

These men are more excited about football than the future of their culture and civilization.

What we are suffering from in our culture is not an abundance of masculinity, but a lack of it. Men are given no context to actually be men, so they either delude themselves into behaving like women, remain children, or go off the rails and into the shadows. There is simply no context to be a healthy man in touch with his own masculine nature. To even talk about this is completely off the table in most social circles. This has to change. Man naturally gains his sense of virtue from his society’s expectations of men and without these expectations, he is an amorphous blob left to be molded by his worst impulses and inclinations. This is why men have such a high rate of suicide in modern America, an epidemic that no one discusses because it does not serve the cult of social justice. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., and men are 3.5x more likely to kill themselves than women. It’s funny, if society really caters to men so overtly, why are men killing themselves so often? Shouldn’t it be such a great and easy time to just kick back and enjoy all of this male privilege?

Of course that just makes the next fact even “funnier”, white males (who are only about 35% of the population) accounted for 7 out of 10 suicides in the U.S. in 2014. It’s just so awesome being a white male that the only way to improve your situation is to cash in your chips and shoot yourself. It’s also unsurprising that the suicide rate is highest in middle aged men, who are also the main people buying video games. This is all just a coincidence.

No one benefits from this lack of masculine values. Ask most women if they are happy with the pool of men available to them. Ask the men you know how they feel about their own masculinity. Ask the young men you know if they feel like adults. We had people in their twenties storming the beaches at Normandy seventy years ago, now we have people in their twenties catching Pokemon and reading Harry Potter. Worse, this is somehow socially acceptable.

Look around at your culture and ask yourself if it looks like a culture populated by confident and intelligent men, or if it looks like a culture run and populated by broken and confused individuals.

Almost everyone currently involved with the idea of a new masculinity has completely and totally dropped the ball, to put it as mildly as possible. The task then falls to us. Most men have only been taught to view their own masculinity in a negative context, and this is a huge factor in our present situation.

A big piece of the puzzle is going to be a revolution in how we think of masculinity. It is the only way forward.