Unleash Your Right Wing Fantasies

01-mainlionIt is time. 

In the modern age we now have the privilege of full participation in what would have only been possible in the wildest fantasies of pre-modern revolutionaries. We now, with extreme ease, operate in a decentralized and completely leaderless network of resistance that is striking major blows directly to our current social power structure. This network truly has no name, but for now I will tentatively describe it as the dissident right most apparently made manifest in the current rise of nationalism.

After two of the most stunning victories a political movement could imagine: Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, there seems to be nothing holding us back from absolute victory. If we can assist in the election of a candidate that was labeled by the mainstream media as “literally Hitler”, we can do anything. Hoefer will most likely win the election in Austria in December, some media outlets have claimed that this will make him the first “far right” leader of a European state since Hitler. The Le Pens seem well placed to rule France, and similar movements across the Western world only continue to increase in number and popularity.

The tides are turning. It is time to reconsider our immediate goals and redouble our efforts.

One aspect of the movement which I think needs to be given a higher place is the creation of the dissident right cultural aesthetic. Just for the record, I don’t only mean aesthetic in a visual art sense.

Our movement is essentially an infinite number of multi-faceted attacks on the current social paradigm that are aimed at de-conditioning different members and levels of society. There is a certain segment of the population that will only be convinced by facts and figures – unfortunately as you already know, this segment is very small. People converted in this manner are almost always the most intelligent, and they will become the new intellectuals of the movement.

But we also need the support of the masses, we essentially must storm the armory and win over the heart of the people. Successful social upheavals usually do not originate from the majority of the population. It is typically a small percentage of the nation or group that feels strongly enough to overthrow the existing paradigm, and the rest of the population is willing to go along with it.

A nationalist demonstration in Poland. Looks pretty GREAT.

We must, in short, get the collective consciousness of Western culture on our side. We must condition people to see us as the new normal, and to perceive our rise to power as inevitable.

There is one tool in our arsenal that we have truly failed to deploy. Unfortunately, this tool is what allows cultural movements to be truly successful. It is responsible for the meteoric rise of Christianity, Buddhism, National Socialism, Fascism, in some ways Communism, and Islam – it is the common factor that allows all social revolutions to take place: a radical and ecstatic vision for the future.

A radical vision of the future unites a group and takes participation in the new paradigm out of the realm of triviality and into the realm of the sacred. People enjoy feeling like they’re hooked into a larger framework – a new vision of the future is the linchpin upon which all this rests, it is the anchor that cements the new paradigm deep in the heart of a person. It infuses this new fantastic vision with the basic nature of an individual. After this infusion takes place, everything the person now does is infused with this eschatological anchor. The most common radical visions up to this point in time have been universal salvation or world domination.

We must create and propose a completely new and all encompassing view of the future of humanity. Our worldview must ascend to the point that it crystalizes into an unmistakable fundamental essence, to the point where it becomes an entirely self-contained aesthetic paradigm that other ideas may participate in, like Buddhism.

When Christianity was spreading among Roman soldiers, they weren’t having debates about neo-platonic ideals and trinitarianism. They were convinced by the new radical vision of the world that is fundamental to Christianity. This type of thing is easily communicated even among low IQ people. It’s communicated in symbols, stories, aesthetics: the powerful and unmistakable vibe of Christianity is what allowed it to spread like a wildfire. It provided a new paradigm for existing that effortlessly infused the fundamental essence of the individual and everything that they do with a new and powerful social movement. An easily communicable new worldview whose time has come cannot be stopped. There is nothing that those in power could have done to prevent the rise and spread of Christianity.

This is most powerfully embodied, in my opinion, in Buddhism. I make the case that Buddhism was actually a largely aesthetic and cosmological movement. Again, this is not a visual art aesthetic but a life aesthetic that marries your role in the universe with your everyday life. Buddhism is, in most forms, a highly scholastic meditation based form of aestheticism and general renunciation of worldly pleasures. In that sense, it would seem like the least likely philosophy to spread rapidly through largely uneducated and poor populations.

Yet, it did. After barely, if ever, leaving a two to three hundred square mile area in Northern India, Buddhism has now aggressively spread to almost ever corner of the globe. This is because the fundamental essence of Buddhism, the Buddhist worldview and paradigm for being, is instantly communicated in the aesthetics and stories of Buddhism. The simplest Buddha sculpture instantly imparts the vibe of Buddhism to anyone that sees it. Its stories, like Buddha’s life story, create an entirely new paradigm for the individual to view themselves in.

Worth considering.

And so on with almost every successful social upheaval. There is a group of scholars and academics working on the hard ideas and converting other intellectuals, and there is a highly aesthetic worldview that is given to the masses and spread among them that communicates the fundamental nature of the new philosophy.

We can see this in both a negative and positive way with two of the most recently failed social movements on the left: hippies and punks. These movements were, like us, completely decentralized movements that aimed to change the way society worked and thought in the most basic sense.

These movements were both spread largely through aesthetics. You didn’t really have to know anything to be a hippie or a punk. A vague understanding of the movement itself may be the only real barrier to entry. Of course, you would get the extremely motivated natural aristocracy of these movements who would take the movement further and actually integrate knowledge of history and politics into it, but most people involved were simply participating in the aesthetic or what they perceived to be the lifestyle.

This was also, in a sense, their downfall. They had an aesthetic but their ecstatic worldview was only partially formed. It is difficult to imagine a world where punks or hippies would be “successful” as a movement. They seem, by their very nature, relegated to the fringes and the world of non-political action. Even at the height of the hippie movement, when they had the support of the youth, the media’s attention, and a large number of active “members”, they accomplished nothing: they did absolutely nothing with all of this. The same can be said to a lesser extent of punk, which had less popular support and thus accomplished even less.

Total failures.

We are not in the same position, fortunately. We are coming from the opposite direction of these groups. While these two movements were primarily aesthetic and then attempted to cross over into the realm of philosophy and social transformation, we are doing the opposite. Our movement, the dissident right or nationalism, has always suffered from being fundamentally philosophical and political. This is not a bad thing, it’s just how it is. Most people are never going to read a book by Julius Evola, and thus up until recently many of these ideas were confined to those who made themselves part of the intelligentsia.

This explains why we are finally going mainstream: we are crossing over into the realm of aesthetics and an easily communicable vibe. As we have lowered the barrier of entry, not by lowering our standards but by creating a worldview for people to participate in, our numbers have swelled and our influence has grown immeasurably.

We must continue this progression and grow our cultural aesthetic and social paradigm. A pyramid is the perfect model for this: its wide base is the aesthetic, vibe, and easily communicable ideas of the movement.  Most people are enticed by this and enter here. As you move up, each layer becomes more intellectual and philosophical. The system naturally draws people up to whatever level they feel most inclined. People may enter on the aesthetic level, then graduate up the ladder to more and more complex ideas and meaningful ways of participating in the movement. Some people want to read a 900 page book on Zionism, some people want to make funny pictures and post them online, and some people just want to go to work and cruise Twitter on their lunchbreak. All of these people will be a part of our success.

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Therefore I ask you to unleash your wildest and most beautiful nationalist fantasies and visions. Through radically new art, music, comedies, tragedies, symbols, and aphorisms, we will create a new context for being. We will create a new type of person, and a new paradigm for social interaction. The new archetypes we create will be unstoppable golems, set loose upon the cultural battlezone to win us our ultimate and final victory.

Infuse every aspect of your life with radical nationalism. The tie you choose to wear, your shoes, the jokes you make, what you do with your time – everything you do is a carrier of a new language of acting that will slowly warp the mass cultural aesthetic in our favor.

The left is losing this battle. They are becoming less and less cool. We must accelerate this process, but it is not enough to have our enemies fall: we must also rise. There are plenty of people who now realize that it isn’t cool to be a social justice warrior, but they don’t know what else to be. The next archetype has failed to rise and replace it. Right now, people can basically choose between being a social justice warrior or just being a normal person. This is not an enticing set of options.

This is our failure. We must create the next paradigm for being. The people are hungry for it. Once we give them a third option, they will defect en mass and join us. We have literally everything going for us at this moment and there is no reason we can’t be successful here. Modern art is terrible, modern music is terrible, most people are completely apathetic about almost everything of significance, and it’s extremely obvious to everyone that Western civilization is not as awesome as it could be.

This is the dry prairie onto which we will set our fire. The fire of a new archetype, a new way of acting and thinking about the world. We will displace the old paradigm and set a new king upon the throne.

We can only do this if we all work together. Unleash the black horse of your imagination, and it will lead the way to a social movement that will change everything. Godspeed.