White Men: It’s Cool to Hate You

This woman (Bahar Mustafa), while working as the diversity officer at her British university, tweeted “#KillAllWhiteMen” and organized events where white students were banned from attending. After her case attracted national attention nothing happened and she was allowed to remain in her position.

In the paradigm of social justice, someone’s worth in society is determined by the amount of “oppression points” that they amass by virtue of their deviation from some ultimate platonic ideal of normality. This archetypal norm for the priests and adherents of this new worldview is the straight white male. This is clearly and empirically demonstrable to anyone who cares to do the field research themselves.

Straight white men have no oppression points. They are viewed as “the oppressors” and thus their opinion can be disregarded simply because it originated from them. However, if a white man is not heterosexual, he begins to climb the ladder of oppression slightly and is thus given some social capital.

Race and ethnicity make up the next level on this pyramid. All non-white ethnicities are viewed as inherently oppressed and thus more social capital is heaped upon them. People with atypical gender identities are also viewed as an inherently oppressed class and thus they are also given extra social capital and their opinion is inherently worth more. In the future, further deviations from the norm such as being polyamorous will also confer extra “oppression points.”

This is easily verifiable with thought experiments. An organization seeking to diversify itself does not survey its members to see how, statistically, they could become more diverse, it simply seeks out someone who deviates as much as possible from the straight white male archetype. So, for example, it’s easy to see that in the paradigm of social justice, a gay white man is inherently less oppressed than a gay black man. Their respective backgrounds do not actually matter – in this new paradigm we are all reduced to the ones and zeros that collectively fill our checklist of mental and physical attributions.

This puts the straight white man in an interesting place as he is essentially discarded by this new paradigm. If he chooses to take up the fight against the norms of Western culture and join the social justice cult, he may be given some token points as an “ally”. Here he is an ally in the sense of a fifth column. This term originated during the Spanish Civil War when a general stated that as his four columns of troops marched on a city he was besieging, a fifth column would rise from inside and assist them in taking the city.

This is essentially the position of the straight white male ally to social justice. As the troops attempt to storm the Bastille and dismantle all traditional aspects of Western culture, he is assisting them, rather than defending himself and what his ancestors have stewarded to him. From this he receives some vague sense of righteousness largely derived from a martyr complex. If he could, he would not have chosen to be born this way – he would much rather be black, or gay, or trans: something, anything, to rid him of the stigma of being the oppressor, which he feels really truly is the case. Completely brainwashed by people who hate him, he actually believes that his existence as a straight white male is inherently oppressive. For this reason, he feels it is actually noble to assist the people who are actively working to destroy him and his society. This destruction is dressed up in euphemistic language, but it is inherently a dismantling of his identity and his historical context. This perspective is perfectly embodied in this song by Bo Burnham called “Straight White Male”.

Some lyrics:

“If I could change don’t you think that I’d do it
God only knows why he cursed me to be
A straight white male.

I state my problems, other people roll their eyes/
Three trips to the mall, no khakis in my size. […]

Everyone thinks that I’ve got it easy,
Just because it’s true doesn’t mean that it’s right. […]”

This is what the world thinks of straight white men: their problems and their very existence are literally a joke. If you enjoying aggressively lowering your IQ, you may watch the video. If you do, notice the uproarious applause at the end. People are absolutely thrilled whenever the social sphere gives them an opportunity to vent their hatred of straight white men – it’s even better if it’s a straight white man himself doing it. His self-flagellation is confirmation of the original sin he embodies; he is inherently trivial because of how he was born. That’s social justice.

I understand that this video and song are a joke, but the important thing to notice is that this type of joke only makes sense coming from a straight white man. It could work coming from a straight white woman, maybe, but that is only because her “whiteness”, the ultimate sin, outranks the oppression points she receives by virtue of being female.

Bo Burnham, by the way, for those unaware, is extremely popular. His videos have been watched over one hundred and sixty million times on YouTube. He’s signed a four year record deal with Comedy Central, and has released comedy specials on Comedy Central and Netflix. He also co-created and starred in a show on MTV and had a book of poetry published. That is not to suggest that all of this fame originates from his adherence to the tenets of social justice, but without adhering to these strict rules and embodying the “correct” principles, very little of this would have been possible.

This is, in fact, the de facto opinion of all celebrities. To deviate from this and suggest that white men should not be inherently trivialized is absolutely unthinkable. A celebrity who had something positive to say about straight white men in any capacity would be immediately ostracized and shunned from the sphere of public attention.

Even facts that cast straight white people in a positive light are scrubbed from the record and labeled anathema. In the video below, a writer for Esquire is rejoicing that white people will no longer be in charge of the Republican party. He literally says:

“If you’re really optimistic, you can say this is the last time that old white people will command the Republican party’s attention, its platform, its public face.”

What other group of people would be asked to tolerate the fact that their own displacement is now cause for public celebration? Fortunately, he’s talking to Congressman Steve King from Iowa, who, it turns out, is a total bro. King responds with the simple fact that white people contributed the most to Western Civilization, so you should stop talking about them like they’re a literal virus in the body politic. This fact is enough to get the moderator to shut down the conversation entirely – he stops them from talking and they cut to commercial immediately after. They even labeled these “jaw-dropping remarks”.

This is completely and totally ridiculous. Would it be a “jaw-dropping remark” to point out that Chinese people created Chinese civilization? Would someone be alarmed to hear that people from Central America contributed the most to Central American civilizations? Of course not, it is only a problem to point out that white people created their civilization because it is saying something positive about white people. He doesn’t even say “created”, he just says “contributed the most to”, leaving room for the fact that there are other groups that contributed to Western Civilization as well. This, of course, is not enough; he committed the ultimate crime of saying something positive about white people.

This is also a demonstration of why political correctness is mental poison. It’s not enough to be correct, you have to be politically correct. Essentially all majority white countries are Western nations, and essentially all Western nations are a majority white. There is no non-white Western nation. So of course it stands to reason that the group that has always been a majority in that civilization would have contributed the most to it, and the factual record reflects this. Doesn’t matter. You can’t say it, keep it to yourself.

I suppose this means that in the mind of the zeitgeist, white people didn’t contribute the most to Western civilization. So… who did? Did Arab people make Western civilization? Did African people make Western civilization? If so, why aren’t any areas currently populated by these groups Western nations? Why don’t their cultures look anything like Western culture?

By the way, not only was he shamed for these comments, people accused him of advocating for white supremacy. Suggesting that white people contributed the most to white civilization is white supremacy now. Vox’s headline actually used the phrase “literal white supremacy”. Look at this:


b87welcome to the Twilight Zone, where the only things that are real are your feelings.

Of course, doing the opposite of this and suggesting that straight white males need to get the fuck out of Western civilization is not only encouraged but applauded as extraordinarily brave. Sorry, I didn’t mean that they should get out of Western civilization (they can still stay here and be the loggers and construction workers and do computer stuff, I guess) but we don’t need them in positions of power anymore.

In fact, a few weeks ago, nexus of mental trash that somehow passes for a human Lena Dunham posted a video to her social media accounts wherein she asks her (white) father, “How are you feeling about the extinction of white men?” She, like many people, takes the eventual extinction of white men as a given: to them, it is definitely going to happen. Please note that you live in a world where extremely famous celebrities can openly talk about the extinction of white people as a positive thing, but if you want to talk about gradual white displacement as a negative thing, you will be labeled a white supremacist or a neo-nazi. Interesting.

Her father answers, “Well, white men are a problem. Straight white men are a big problem, that’s for sure.”

This is one of the most popular celebrities in the United States posting a video online definitively stating that straight white men are “a big problem.” That is some delicious straight white male privilege, being the only group of people that can be openly and unabashedly scorned by society. Her father continues:

“But I actually feel pretty good about it. I think straight white guys have been screwing things up for long enough. It’s high time for straight white males to, uh, step back and let some other people do it.”

It’s high time for straight white men to step back from the civilizations they built and let “some other people do it.” When will it be time for East Asians to step back from their civilizations and let someone else run them? Will there be a time when Africans are expected to give up the reigns of African countries in the name of diversity and tolerance? Of course not. The very idea is laughable, because the whole system of social justice is predicated on the idea of “oppression points” as I described before, and straight white men have none, therefore they are the enemy. Period. The inability of the system to be logically worked through doesn’t matter. It’s tautological – it’s true because it is, fueled by emotion and resentment.

Watching this permanently lowered my testosterone.

Notice the caption that went with this video. The extinction of white men (her own words) will cause the evolution of men into better men. Removing white men from the gene pool (and thus removing white people from the gene pool) will literally cause the evolution of the male species into better men. I’m pretty sure that’s advocating for eugenics and genocide, but it’s cool. I’m sure celebrities calling for the extinction of other races and groups to improve the collective gene pool of humanity would also be met with applause and hundreds of likes and re-tweets.

Side note: it’s no surprise that a man who hates straight white men (i.e. hates himself) raised confessed sexual abuser and rape hoaxer Lena Dunham. Our parents tend to shape us more than anything else, so it’s no surprise that a self-hating white man who is amped about the extinction of his people raised this walking pile of garbage who now prides herself on raging against all that is normal and traditional in Western culture.

Please cast your mind back and think of the celebrities whose lives have been ruined for saying a single negative thing about a race, ethnicity, or group of people. I won’t list them here because I don’t want to make it seem like I’m defending their actions, but I’m sure you can think of some. If not, you can surely imagine how career-destroying it would be to have a tape leaked of you saying something negative about black people or Jews.

Yet now, we are seeing it become normalized not only to openly talk shit about straight white men, but they are becoming demonized to the extent that attempting to defend them makes you a bad person.

why does this matter?

Straight white men are systematically indoctrinated into a complete and total lie about their own historical context, and this lie robs them of the ability to view themselves in a positive light.

Straight white men are told that their society is inherently patriarchal and that it oppresses women. If this true, we can compare Western culture to any other culture on the planet and see that Western culture simply treats women the best. If you had to choose to be a poor woman in any nation on Earth, you would pick a white Western country every time. These nations were built by white men, yet paradoxically white men are now taught that they, above all other people, are patriarchal oppressors that hurt women.

Here’s a map of women’s physical security around the world, the source is womanstats.org. Notice anything interesting about this map?


All the nations labeled “women have high levels of physical security” are predominantly white nations, made by white people. There is an extremely strong correlation between whiteness and the physical security of women on this map, with a few outliers.

Every year the World Economic forum creates a Global Gender Gap report wherein they rank nations based on women’s equal access to health care, education, and the ability to fully partake in social and political life: essentially, the best places on earth to be a woman. There’s a country that has won first (as in, the most equality) seven years in a row. Before you scroll down, take a wild guess as to what part of the world this nation is in.

I bet these women wish they didn’t have to be around such patriarchal and oppressive men.

This article by the BBC correctly indicates that every year Iceland is joined at the top the list “by its Nordic neighbours Finland, Norway and Sweden.”  That is so crazy, that the whitest countries in the world would also be the best for women.

This is not to suggest that other races are incapable of treating women well, or that whiteness and treating women well have any inherent correlation. I’m simply pointing out the absolutely ludicrous notion that the group of people who built some of the only nations on Earth where women are not treated like literal cattle are now being brainwashed into believing that they are inherently patriarchal and oppressive.

Conversely, straight white men are taught that they are homophobic, and that the cultures they create are homophobic, yet white Western countries are the safest for LGBT people.

Let’s take a look at this map of LGBT based legislation around the world. In case you’re on your phone and don’t want to open this picture, the green colors go from dark green (legal marriage) to light green (“clearly inferior” marriage substitute) and the warm colors go from yellow (basically no laws) to red (death penalty).

Being gay in the middle east: not ideal.

Hmm, not a lot of countries made and run by straight white men are making it into the red, and not a lot of non-white countries are making it into the green (though I gotta say, what’s up Central and South America. Nice).  Also, weirdly, Africa is all red and yellow, but South Africa is green. Is there some reason why South Africa would be an outlier in terms of African nations? SO WEIRD.

So again, we see that if straight white men and their societies are homophobic, then they are some of the least homophobic on Earth. Will social justice eventually turn its lens onto black Africans or Muslim people and tell them that they’re patriarchal and homophobic? Of course not, because the designation has nothing to do with actual homophobia, but rather with perceived privilege.

Building some of the only countries on Earth where it’s safe to be openly LGBT: homophobic.

Building some of the only countries on Earth where the state murders people for being gay: not homophobic.

Hey, let’s do one more. There’s another institution straight white men are classically associated with: slavery. White men just love going out and enslaving other people. It’s just in their blood to oppress others, right? Let’s take a look at this map from the Washington Post of modern slavery around the world.

completely and totally shocking.

Wow, if straight white men love oppressing people so much, why have they built the only societies on Earth that no longer enslave people? In fact, looking at this map, it kind of looks like there are correlations between other races and rates of slavery, but of course, I would never point that out. It’s wrong to make generalizations based on race, after all.

But that’s just today. I mean, white people totally did the worst slavery ever, right?

Turns out, not really. The Muslim trans-Saharan slave trade was actually more brutal than the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and enslaved more people. Most people have never heard of the Muslim trans-Saharan slave trade, but it is totally a thing. Do you see lots of black people in the Middle East that are descended from the millions of black Africans that were brought there as slaves? Of course not, because the men were generally castrated before being worked to death, and the women and children were raped or worked to death as well. The trans-Atlantic slave trade was a crime against humanity, but if you were a black African given a choice, you would be much better off being enslaved by white people than by Muslim people. This is simply a fact.

Muslims also enslaved over a million white people in the Barbary slave trade, which most people have never heard of, even though it only ended in the 1830s. Are poor coastal Europeans entitled to reparations from Muslim nations for this brutal and horrific slavery? Of course not, because they’re white. Hey, where are the descendants of these white slaves in the Middle East and North Africa? I mean it only ended less than two hundred years ago, right? Oh, they were worked and raped to death, just like the black slaves. Maybe the women would be lucky enough to be “bred” into the bloodlines of the wealthy. I must have missed this day in my World History class.

These women are in a position of power, because they are white. It’s all very simple. Maybe if they weren’t so oppressive, these Arab men wouldn’t have to rape them to death.

The number of slaves brought from Africa to America in the trans-Atlantic slave trade is only 338,000 people. Over twelve million people were taken from Africa, just over ten million survived, and 338,000 of them came directly to North America. All the rest went to South America. As a comparison, some groups have estimated that there are up to 300,000 child slaves in Haiti right now. So the number of slaves that came from Africa to America is almost equal to the number of children currently enslaved in Haiti today. Amazing.

I’m just belaboring this point to illustrate that the current social conception of straight white men has nothing to do with facts or reality. It doesn’t matter that white men are the only people who ended slavery in their nations, it doesn’t matter that straight white men had slavery for less time and enslaved fewer people than other groups, it doesn’t matter that they enslave the fewest people today. None of this matters because straight white men are oppressive and therefore they are associated with the oppressive institution of slavery. This is the perverted emotional reasoning that passes for logic in the cult of social justice.

This goes for all the examples I’ve listed so far, and countless others. It doesn’t matter that white countries treat women the best. It doesn’t matter than white countries are some of the only places to safely be LGBT. It doesn’t matter that white countries are the only nations embracing multiculturalism. It doesn’t matter that white countries are some of the only countries allowing mass immigration by people of other races. It doesn’t matter that white men generally have lower rates of violent crime than certain other races. None of this matters. All that matters is that they are perceived as the norm and thus they are the ultimate oppressors. All bad attributes are heaped onto them, and that is simply how it is. There can be no argument.

Being robbed of their proper historical context is hurting white men. It is everyone’s right to be able to view themselves and their history in a positive light. This doesn’t mean we have to whitewash the past, every group of people on Earth has done some pretty terrible things – but it’s wrong for us to take one group and somehow insinuate that they are worse than other groups inherently, especially when the historical record provides basically no evidence for this. Teaching straight white men that they are essentially “the problem” is going to take a huge toll on them, and the effects of this perverse worldview are just beginning to be seen.

“Nobody is sure why.” You could have just asked me, Vice.

The opening of this article from the Atlantic perfectly sums up what is happening (my emphasis):

“Late last year, a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that middle-aged, white Americans have been getting sicker and dying in greater numbers, even as the rest of the world is living longer and healthier.

The authors of that study attributed the trend to what we called ‘despair deaths‘ mainly suicides, drug overdoses, and alcohol-related liver disease.”

White men are being affected by a new rise in mortality that is failing to affect other races. Unsurprisingly, it also extends to white women, who recently had their first drop in life expectancy since the government has been recording this type of data (this article from NPR also notes that the life expectancy for black men increased during the same time, and a health expert points out that life expectancy is increasing for “every other group”).

The Washington Post just published an article called ‘Nine charts that show how white women are drinking themselves to death‘. Does anyone tell you this is happening? If you’re white, are you allowed to discuss and think about why your mothers and sisters are suddenly committing slow suicide via alcohol in a way that people of other races simply are not? Of course not. Society wants you to believe that if you care about issues that affect white people you are a fundamentally sick person. Look at this chart:


What is the explanation for this? It obviously has something to do with race how could it not? Are white women turning to hardcore alcoholism as a way of dealing with all the amazing and magical privilege that society affords them? There is absolutely no way to explain this within the narrative of social justice.

The cause is extremely simple and obvious. White people are being taught to hate themselves. It is literally that simple. The rise in mortality is being caused by drugs and alcohol, not increased gun violence or car accidents. White people are being robbed of their right to a positive view of their ancestry and heritage, so they have no place in the world. Without a place in the historical timeline, a person has no self-worth outside of the ultimately toxic pleasures of modernity. White people, poisoned by their society, then naturally poison themselves: with heroin, pills, or alcohol.

The rise in mortality isn’t correlated with poverty, or education, or anything like that. It’s correlated with whiteness.

Society is only becoming more openly scornful of white people and white males in particular. Yesterday it surfaced in the media that four black teenagers kidnapped a mentally disabled eighteen year old white man and brought him into the city of Chicago to torture him for over twenty-four hours. We know this because they streamed it on Facebook. In the videos they recorded, you can clearly hear the assailants saying things like “fuck Donald Trump”, “fuck white people”, and “he deserves it, his ass from Europe”. You can also see them forcing him to drink toilet water and cutting into his scalp to reveal the bone. Most of the footage is this young man who has the mental faculties of a child crying with duct tape over his mouth.

The initial response of the police was that this was all just a prank and that it had nothing to do with race. The police commander who is leading the detectives investigating this case said “kids make stupid mistakes,” and indicated that their young age (18, legally an adult) “certainly will be part of whether or not we seek a hate crime, determine whether or not this is sincere or stupid ranting and raving.” Another police department spokesman said that although the assailants made “terrible racist statements,” police believed the victim was targeted because he has “special needs,” not because of his race. Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson said it was “just stupidity” and that there was nothing to indicate that this was a hate crime.

Four non-white people kidnap a young white man and torture him, saying things like “he deserves it, his ass from Europe” and the entire Chicago police department didn’t feel the incident was racially motivated. This completely unbelievable situation only makes sense if the victim is white, obviously. If the roles were reversed and some white eighteen year olds kidnapped someone of another race and tortured them while heaping racial abuse on them, there would be riots in the streets and it would obviously be viewed as a hate crime.

Here you can see the quote for yourself, as I wouldn’t believe this unless I saw it with my own eyes. These are from Chicago local news websites:


Literally unbelievable. We have to determine whether or not revealing someone’s bone with a knife because they’re white was sincere or just a prank.

It was only today (the next day) that it was revealed that these people will be charged with a hate crime, although it’s unclear whether or not the hate crime charges will be primarily because of the victim’s disability or because of the obviously racial nature of the attack. When asked directly about this, Police Detective Commander Kevin Duffin said, “It’s half a dozen of one, six of the other,” basically that it doesn’t matter. I’ll let this speak for itself.

White men bear the brunt of this new social condition partially because more scorn is openly heaped upon them, and partially because men are naturally more isolated socially than women – but that’s just my opinion. They also lack the ability to present or think of themselves as part of a victimized class, unlike white women, so as I’ve stated before they are simply painted as fully evil with no redeeming qualities. If they try and resist this false characterization or speak up for themselves in any way, then they’re racist, a neo-nazi, or just stupid.

If you’re a white man reading this, did you know that even though white men are only about 30 – 35% of the U.S. population, they now account for 70% of all suicides? This means that white men are accounting for twice the amount of suicides that they would be if everyone was killing themselves at an equal rate. What could be the cause behind this? Why should being white and male be correlated with killing yourself? The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention says that “the rate of suicide is highest in middle age – white men in particular”. Aren’t white men supposed to be the people with the most privilege? We’re being told that society basically exists to cater to them – yet they’re killing themselves way more often than other groups that supposedly have it infinitely worse. How does this make any sense? Look at this chart, from the same group:


No group, other than Native Americans, have the steadily increasing suicide rates that white people have. There is a suicide epidemic among white people, white males in particular, and it is only getting worse. No one can talk about it— no one even knows it is happening. It is not on the table for discussion because the only things acceptable to say about white people in our culture are negative things: this is an extremely sorry and abysmal state of affairs, and it cannot continue.

Tell your friends: it is time for this insanity to end. 2017 is the year this all comes crashing down, and it’s going to be really, really great.

Get excited.